Maureen Davis

Maureen Deering Davis | I am a Yoga Therapist, Teacher, Life Coach and Healer who is passionate about sharing the benefits of Therapeutic Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation with my students as well as my private clients. I am dedicated to changing one life at a time. 

Body of Work


Raise Your Vibration Through Chanting

Learn what a mantra is, how can you use it in your yoga practice, and how chanting mantra can shift the vibration of energy in your body and help clear the mind.

Chanting is an ancient practice with the repetition of mantra (similar to prayer) where you utilize the breath, clear the mind. Chanting mantra is a powerful practice.

Maureen and Karun will teach you 3 basic mantras to practice. Together we will explore the art of chanting, why it's important, meaning of each chant and then as a group practice a small Kirtan where we will all chant together.

Chanting frees you from mind limitations and you don't need a good voice to chant. All voices are welcome.

Fabletics Corporate Event


In store Hatha class at the Del Amo Mall Fabletics location in Torrance, CA.

Living your Yoga and Understanding your Dosha

In this workshop, we learned about the Yamas/Niyamas based on the eight limbs of Yoga by Patanjali.

Literally means positive duties or observances. In Indian traditions, particularly Yoga, niyamas and its complement, Yamas, are recommended activities and habits for healthy living, spiritual enlightenment and liberated state of existence.

Doshas are the forces that create the physical body. They determine conditions of growth, aging, health and disease. Typically, one of the three doshas predominates and determines one's constitution or mind-body type. By understanding individual habits, emotional responses, and body type, practitioners can adapt their yoga practice accordingly. The same applies for Ayurveda treatments focused on alleviating any doshic excesses (illness) via powerful herbs and/or through the improvement of general lifestyle practices such as pranayama, meditation and yoga postures.

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