Maureen Davis

Maureen Deering Davis | I am a Yoga Therapist, Teacher, Life Coach and Healer who is passionate about sharing the benefits of Therapeutic Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation with my students as well as my private clients. I am dedicated to changing one life at a time. 

Teaching Modules


The first module will be on Philosophy, Pranayama Techniques (Different Breathing Practices and how to incorporate them) and Meditation Techniques. We are following a 200 hour training syllabus but breaking it up because it's a lot to sit in one module for example and learn philosophy.

You can attend each module to deepen your practice of Yoga and incorporate it into your life, or the other option is to work towards a teaching certification with Yoga Alliance for the basic 200 hour training. 

All modules will be done at our home. In India the most common way to study is in the home of the Guru. (Guru literally means teacher, guide, expert, master) In Sanskrit guru means the "one who dispels the darkness and takes towards light. The teacher is an inspirational source and helps with the spiritual evolution of the student.)

We will do a yoga practice, have breaks. You will need to bring your mat and dress comfortably in yoga clothing. These are the dates of the first module.

Module 1 Part 1
June 8 - 12 pm - 6 pm
June 9 - 10 am - 5 pm

Part 2 of Module 1
July 13 - 12 pm - 6 pm
July 14 - 10 am - 5pm


Pricing & Payment


Split payments are accepted.
Split payment terms: $250 is due before first module. The remaining $250 is due by second module or day of.

Payment methods accepted:

Check, Cash, PayPal or Venmo. 


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