Maureen Davis

Maureen Deering Davis | I am a Yoga Therapist, Teacher, Life Coach and Healer who is passionate about sharing the benefits of Therapeutic Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation with my students as well as my private clients. I am dedicated to changing one life at a time. 


Maureen is my mind body connection! I love her teaching style and her passion for healthy living which she has shared with me. She has helped me integrate her teachings into daily practice that have led to greater focus and flexibility.   I have a very full life with a demanding career and family and I have been working with her for 7 years.  No matter how much or little time you have she teaches you to make the most of it in her practice and above all to honor ourselves. She also worked with me during my cancer treatments and was a wonderful friend.  I highly recommend her, she is fantastic!

Martha Corbett
Managing Partner
Price-Waterhouse Coopers

I’ve known Maureen for about 5 ½ years.  I started my Yoga practice in her beginner’s class. Maureen is an excellent teacher; she always takes the time to provide individual help and encouragement. Her yoga class is always tailored to account for the abilities of the students. Class was not all asana practice either; we were exposed to the spiritual side of Yoga as well. I’ve gone to many different yoga classes with some very good teachers but Maureen will always be my favorite. She has an uncanny way of knowing just what I need that day.

Maureen’s love of yoga led her to become a certified yoga therapist. She would bring her new knowledge to class and our practice would deepen as a result. As we advanced beyond the beginner stage new techniques were added to the class such as Ti Chi and laughter (my favorite). Both my wife and I went for yoga therapy when she worked with Dr. Steve. We were both helped by the therapy and massage techniques.

After class we would often have coffee and talk. It was then that I realized how much satisfaction Maureen got from her healing practice. She is also a caring and supportive mother to her children. I am indebted to her for introducing me to one of her Gurus, Bernie, who I still rely on for help and guidance after 4 years.

Yoga has transformed my life from a stressful experience to one where I live in the now. Maureen has played an important role in this transformation. I highly recommend her for work as a yoga therapist, yoga teacher or spiritual guide. 

Bill Shanney
Torrance, CA

I met Maureen Davis almost 4 years ago when we are working together at a multi-disciplinary holistic health clinic. Maureen was working as a Yoga Therapist. Maureen always gives 100% to her work. She is dedicated, motivated and very caring. She inspires her patients and co-workers alike. Every patient who has met Maureen knows how passionate she is about her work. She gives unconditionally and she has very deep knowledge of yoga. Every yoga skeptics easily changed their mind after they met Maureen. She has a beautiful presence and her wonderful energy brings joy to all that interacts with her.

Ida Mat Aris, L. Ac., M.T.O.M.
Lic Acupuncturist & Herbalist
14650 Aviation Blvd #225
Hawthorne, CA 90250
Tel : 310-536-9996

Dear Maureen,

I want to thank you profusely for the time you’ve spent with me developing my daily yoga and meditation practice. When I started with you in the midst of my very stressful divorce, I expect you recall what a mental and physical wreck I was.

I also expect you recall how much relief, again both physical and mental, I was able to express after just our first session. It seems like so long ago; your coaching has brought me so far. I remember I knew virtually nothing about yoga or meditation on that day. Now, I can’t imagine starting a day without the ritual you’ve helped me establish and deepen since that time.

I want you to know I count having established my daily practice at that time during my life, and my regular “tune ups” to deepen my practice since, as one of the key reasons I’ve been able to not just survive, but genuinely flourish, through my divorce and life after. I count among my accomplishments being able to honestly say I’m physically, mentally, and emotionally more healthy now than ever before in my life; much of the credit goes to the work we’ve done together.

Again, thanks for your invaluable guidance, first as my teacher and then as my friend. If I can repay my debt to you in the future, you can telephone me at (310) 265-9540.

Ray Nuber
February 12, 2011
27919 Alvarez Drive RPV, CA 90275  

I am a cancer patient with metatastic melanoma. Among all of the health care providers I am associated with right now, Maureen is truly my favorite. I have arthritis and she has designed a yoga program to help me get moving again, her knowledge of essential oils and application definitely have helped me feel better physically (and smell good), and most of all we talk. She truly knows the real "Carol" and addresses all my concerns and fears one has with cancer. She has built me back up mentally and is always there should I slide. She so understands where I am and where I am coming from and I could not ask for a better therapist and friend. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs a yoga/emotional therapist and who is going through a rough time.

 Carol Armstrong
Manhattan Beach, CA

I have suffered from back pain for most of my life and finally resorted to surgery about five years ago. Recovery was slow and there were some complications. Maureen's gentle, therapeutic yoga made a huge difference. It helped me regain strength, flexibility and a sense of inner peace. As long as I continue with my yoga practice, I am pain free.

Ken Deemer
LA Social Venture Partners
Environmental Charter High School
Tech Coast Angels

I have worked with Maureen Davis as both a private client and a group client (Yoga). Both were wonderful experiences, both physically and emotionally. But the most life-changing one was my private client work with her. She was both yoga therapist and mentor to me during six months of grueling chemotherapy treatments for colon cancer. On the physical level, our sessions were KEY in helping me keep my body strong during this time. But even more important (to me) were the mental and emotional aspects of our sessions. Maureen had a "gift" of knowing what kind of support I needed, based on what issues/challenges I was having, without me needing to articulate that much to her. Some weeks it would be "coaching" conversation, other times it would be meditation, or light yoga, etc. I would come into these sessions as the proverbial "basket case," and walk out--EVERY TIME--feeling energized, optimistic, and ready to take on "the next thing"...whatever it was!

She was, for me, literally a life-saver.

I can NEVER thank her enough for this.

Candy Kaelin Deemer
Executive Coach
Co-author, "Dancing on the Glass Ceiling (McGraw-Hill, 2003)
Adjunct instructor, Loyola Marymount Executive MBA Program
 Former COO/Co-Managing Director, DDB Worldwide Communications (Los Angeles office)